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Staff Directory


To contact Administration, please call 614.882.7277 ext. 5025 or see below for individual extensions.

Don Barlow, Director, 614.259.5020
Karen Albury, Deputy Director, 614.259.5021
Lindsey Batchelder, Program & Community Engagement Coordinator, ext. 2103
Daniel Griscom, Business Manager,  614.259.5025*
Troy Cockrell, Deputy Clerk Treasurer, ext. 2109
Barbara Moseley, Deputy Clerk Treasurer, ext. 2157*
Katrina Plourde, Human Resources Manager, 614.259.5022
Elena Vleugels, Executive Assistant, 614.259.5023

*Notary Public, available during normal business hours. Please call ahead.

Adult Services

To contact Adult Services, please call 614.882.7277 ext. 5004 or see below for individual extensions.

Nieca Nowels, Adult Services Manager, 614.259.5024
Mindy Bilyeu, Adult Services Librarian, ext. 2186
Kaya Burgin, Adult Services Librarian, ext. 2125
Megan Chrusciel, Adult Services Library Associate, ext. 2124
Jessica Curtis, Adult Services Librarian, ext. 2191
Doreen Drennen, Adult Services Library Associate, ext. 2190
Jesse Henning, Adult Services Librarian, ext. 2187
Erik Johansen, Adult Services Librarian, ext. 2188

Debbie Barkhurst, Technology Center Associate, ext. 2172
Chelsea McDonnell, Technology Center Associate, ext. 2172
Rachel Somerfeldt, Technology Center Associate, ext. 2172

Collection Development

Belinda Mortensen, Head of Collection Development, 614.259.5033
Allison DeVito, Collection Development Assistant, ext. 2113

Computer Services

Steven Owley, Manager of Support Services, 614.259.5016
Kelly Ferrell, Help Desk Support, ext. 2172
Badri Jimale, Network Administrator, 614.259.5018
Tamara Murray, Web Content Librarian, ext. 2278
David Shaner, Webmaster, 614.259.5019

Customer Services (i.e. Circulation)

To contact Customer Services, please call 614.882.7277 ext. 2 or see below for individual extensions.

Kristin Michel, Customer Services Manager, 614.259.5032
Mandie Burns, Customer Services Assistant Manager, 614.259.5031

Local History

To contact Local History, please call 614.882.7277 ext. 5010 or see below for individual extensions.

Beth Weinhardt, Local History Coordinator, 614.259.5028
Patty Robeson, Local History Associate, ext. 2104
Nina McCaw Thomas, Local History Associate, 614.259.5027


Linda Wilkins, Marketing Coordinator, 614.259.5030
Mike Pirik, Marketing Assistant, 614.259.5029

Outreach Services

To contact Outreach Services, please call 614.259.5034 or see below for individual extensions.

Julie Kerns, Outreach Manager, ext. 2144
Marie Corbitt, Outreach/Program Librarian, ext. 2110
Ellyn Dinning, Outreach Associate, ext. 2114
Heather Fisher, Outreach Associate, ext. 2106
Meredith Fletcher, Library Link Associate, ext. 2115
Thomas Sharpe, Outreach Associate, ext. 2182

Support Services

Sherree Baire, Acquisitions Specialist, ext. 2176
Lorraine Castor, Materials Processor, ext. 2147
Suzanne Offutt, Materials Processor, ext. 2129
Donna Shuman, Technical Cataloger, ext. 2177
Alice Stevenson, Senior Cataloger, ext. 2178

Youth Services

To contact Youth Services or Teen Services, please call 614.882.7277 ext. 5006 or see below for individual extensions.

Linda Uhler, Youth Services Manager, 614.259.5026
Susan Carr, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2146
Robin Gibson, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2107
Erin Huffman, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2179
Michael Newsome, Youth Services Associate, ext. 2107
Becky O'Neil, Teen Librarian, 614.259.5017
Katie Ross, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2181
Mickie Stiers, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2261
Jen Thomas, Youth Services Librarian, ext. 2119
Lisa Wise, Youth Services Associate, ext. 2260

Library Departments

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